Eureka Moments (Part I)

There are a lot of really good articles on everything available if you look hard enough. Often I think that I’m the only one realizing something and then it’s the greatest moment when I realize that there is actually literature on it! I’ve been saving links to the most eye-opening ones, the Eureka! ones. I like to have a look at them every once in a while, especially after a period in which my riding and my horse have undergone significant changes.

There is debate about the dressage training scale in classical riding (the real classical riding, not the ‘modern’ type you see at Grand Prix competition, sadly). But let’s assume, for the moment, that it is the way in which training should proceed (of course acknowledging that there are elements of each, within each level).

dressage training scale

So after establishing the rhythm (a challenge on a gaited horse!) and suppleness, we have moved into contact. This entailed me using my seat in a completely new way. More on that, later.

Getting back to my initial point: in reaching new stages, these articles that I save, suddenly have completely new meaning! The one that I read today was this:

I will read it again in a couple of months and it is likely to lead to even more eye-opening realizations.

Riding is seemingly so subjective and qualitative, and yet when you really look closely, it’s completely objective, scientific, quantitative. Riding is physics (and core strength! more, later).


I love it!